March 4, 2014 : Modern Uses for Magnets

Modern Uses for Magnets

Magnetism has been known for a long time as one of the most mysterious behaviors on the planet, and as we studied them more and more, other uses for them have been discovered. At first we saw them as simply metals that behave in interesting ways, but we have come to realize that they may have healing properties, can be used in our modern technology, and are perfect for industrial use.


It is very possible that magnets can help with certain ailments, such as arthritis and fibromyalgia through magnetic therapy. This is considered alternative medicine. It is thought that subjecting certain parts of the body to weak magnetic fields can improve blood flow in underlying tissues and induce faster healing in those areas. Another theory about magnet therapy is that it can realign one's central magnetic field, but this is widely regarded as a farfetched theory and is not recognized by medical journals.

Pain Reduction

Magnetic therapists also believe that they can be used to decrease pain in patients. However; in placebo-response studies, this has not been adequately demonstrated. In 2008 and 2009 two studies were conducted on osteoarthritis patients, both of them double-blind. The conclusion of both studies showed that using weak magnetic fields to reduce pain is an ineffective method. Therapists that use magnetism in such a manner state that this method needs to be conducted over a long period of time before resulting in any positive results.

Medical Technology

The use of these for the practices above goes beyond alternative medicine; they are also used in technology that aids in healthcare. Electromagnetic radiation has been explored for possible treatment in cancer and leukemia cases. From 1997 to 2005 there have been numerous published articles in medical journals on studies conducted to find out if electromagnetic radiation is feasible for such treatments. Magnets are also used in medical technology such as X-rays and resonance imaging.


Magnets are also heavily used in modern day technology. Viewing data has been influenced by magnets as they were used VHS tapes, floppy disks and hard disks, which were the first stepping stones in electronic viewing. DVDs and CDs also utilize magnets. Certain memory storage units implement the use of magnets such as PC hard drives which are continuously improving because of the use of magnets.


Today's industrial world also strongly relies on the use of magnetism. In the mining industry machines use magnetic parts and are also used in the field to separate metallic substances from other substances such as slate and dirt. Magnetic Sweepers and Forklift Magnets, like the products that we sell here at AJC have better results than other types of sweepers because they are easily able to detect and pick-up debris which makes clean-up super easy.

As our understanding of magnets increases, the more we will be able to implement new types of magnets for industrial as well as technological uses.

June 11, 2013 : AJC Swivel Sweep Forklift Magnetic Sweeper

AJC Swivel Sweep Forklift Magnetic Sweeper

Forklift Magnetic Sweeper
On uneven terrain, ordinary forklift magnetic sweepers sometimes don’t work and are prone to damage. By riding on its wheels at all times, the AJC Swivel Sweep forklift magnetic sweeper maintains optimal ground clearance – not too close, and not too far away. This allows our sweeper to work where others fail.
  • Fast tool free changeover between uses.
  • Large 12” ball bearing steel wheels help smooth out terrain.
  • 3 wheel height adjustment locations.
  • 48” wide x 5” wide box with 1,000 lbs. lab-rated pull.
  • Designed and made in USA!
  • 1 year guarantee against defects in material and workmanship.

September 30, 2012 : Magnetic Sweepers

Rolling Magnetic Sweepers

We are excited to highlight this month our rolling magnetic sweepers. The design of these magnetic sweepers is exclusive to AJC Tools, everything about it is improved in order to ensure its sturdiness. The stainless steel box used to hold the debris you are picking up is heavier, the wheel brackets are stronger and the wheels are now a whopping 7” in diameter. That means that no matter where you need to use this sweeper; on pitted concrete, broken asphalt, grass, or even indoors, it will be able to easily navigate the terrain.

With a handle that folds over, this is one rolling magnetic sweeper that isn’t going to take up a lot of room as it fits neatly into any storage area. Don’t bother with other inferior magnetic sweepers that are made from weaker materials and don’t have magnets as strong as AJC’s. These sweepers are sure to make any contractor’s life easier. Make sure you check one out today!