September 30, 2012 : Magnetic Sweepers

Rolling Magnetic Sweepers

We are excited to highlight this month our rolling magnetic sweepers. The design of these magnetic sweepers is exclusive to AJC Tools, everything about it is improved in order to ensure its sturdiness. The stainless steel box used to hold the debris you are picking up is heavier, the wheel brackets are stronger and the wheels are now a whopping 7” in diameter. That means that no matter where you need to use this sweeper; on pitted concrete, broken asphalt, grass, or even indoors, it will be able to easily navigate the terrain.

With a handle that folds over, this is one rolling magnetic sweeper that isn’t going to take up a lot of room as it fits neatly into any storage area. Don’t bother with other inferior magnetic sweepers that are made from weaker materials and don’t have magnets as strong as AJC’s. These sweepers are sure to make any contractor’s life easier. Make sure you check one out today!

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