March 12, 2012 : Our Favorite Things : Magnetic Sweeper

Magnetic Sweepers from AJC Tools

Once a week on our blog we will be highlighting tools that we think are some of the best we have to offer. This week we wanted to show off our magnetic sweeper. We’re proud that this product is as well designed as it is functional. With its combination of powerful magnets, quality workmanship and a quick release design, the AJC Rolling Magnetic Sweeper is a go-to choice among many roofers. This time around we have upgraded it to make it even more powerful than before, with a heavier stainless steel box, stronger wheel brackets and an improved adjustable wheel height that doesn’t need any tools in order to make adjustment. The wheels on this magnetic sweeper are a hefty 7” meaning they are great for heavy duty use in any environment.  Check one out today and make sure to check back here frequently to see what products we’ll be featuring in upcoming posts.
The AJC Rolling Magnetic Sweeper uses powerful magnets to pick up metal objects 

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