July 25, 2017 : Benefits of Shingle Cutters and Roofing Knives

Finding the Best Utility Knife for Shingles

If you are looking to add a valuable tool to your roofing tools collection, don't forget a shingle cutter or roofing knife. A quick and convenient cutter should be a part of any roofer's supplies, whether it is a handy utility knife or an AJC Super Shear shingle cutter for a larger scale roofing project. With the power of the Super Shear shingle cutter, you can cut through a variety of durable shingles or roofing materials. The blade on the Super Shear can cut through thicker shingles, such as laminate and also thinner metals like aluminum. For adequate cutting, the spring-loaded tension adjustment allows for adjustable pressure to assist in cutting through the shingles or material. For a thicker material, more pressure is applied, and for a thinner one, less pressure is needed. Cut through multiple shingle mediums in half the time on your next commercial roofing job.
For assistance that is on the roof with you, a smaller, hand-held tool might prove more efficient. To avoid climbing down and getting off the roof multiple times for smaller cuts, choose a quality roofing knife for your roofing tools collection. Specifically, the AJC Guardian Angle is the tool that will make shingle cutting a breeze. For a hand-held, precise cut right at the scene, the Guardian Angle has the ability to cut even the toughest of shingle materials. With knuckle protection, this roofing knife offers a quality grip and also reduces fatigue while you are on the job. The Guardian Angle increases leverage giving you complete control when you cut and reduces slippage or material breakage. Keep your blade secure and exactly where you need it to be. Choose from the Bowtie, Big Hook or regular utility knife for a variety of quality cutting strengths and styles. A hook blade knife will penetrate the toughest laminates and metals to get your roofing job done right. Additionally, we have a special roofing knife to help you get through the roofing membrane material. The AJC Roofing Membrane Slitter is designed to be a quick-slitting tool to get through the stubborn roof membrane. Be sure to get all your roofing materials cut with our wide variety of roofing knives.

There's an AJC Roofing Tool For That

No matter the material, AJC Tools has a solution. With a variety of shingle rippers, shingle hatchets and roofing knives, our tools tackle any commercial or residential roofing project that you may have. Keep your roofers happy and stocked with the best roofing knives available. Our roofing tools can handle a multitude of materials making your next residential roofing job or commercial roofing job much easier.