August 19, 2014 : Residential Roofing Tools Every Roofer Needs

Roofing Tools Every Roofer Needs

It is always best to have the right tool for the job. Having the right tools will help you do quality work and do it fast. Many projects requirespecialized roofing tools, but the tools below are the ones that should go with you to every job.

Magnetic Sweeper

The AJC Rolling Magnetic Sweeper uses powerful magnets to pick up metal objects

This rolling magnetic sweeper design is a first from AJC  Tools & Equipment. Combining powerful magnets, quality workmanship, and a quick release design have made the AJC  Rolling Magnetic Sweeper a favorite of roofers everywhere.

This magnetic pick up tool has a heavier stainless steel box, stronger wheel brackets, and improved, tool free adjustable wheel height. It comes with big 7” diameter wheels and stainless steel magnetic box for easy clean-up. In addition, the handle folds over, making storage easy and convenient. Length: 30"

Roofing Shovel

 The AJC Wood Handle Shing-Go Roofing Shovel is a roofer's ideal tool
AJC Tools offers an extensive line of heavy-duty, professional grade, roofing shovels. Our Shing-Go™ line of roofing shovels each feature an original design, only available from AJC Tools, crafted to provide the greatest durability and strength for any application. Each Shing-Go™ blade is crafted from heavy-duty, tempered steel, and is available with either a smooth or serrated edge.

Roofing Hatchet

AJC Mag-Hatch Magnetic Faced Roofing Hatchet
This roofing hatchet is perfect for fast the application of a felt cap and roofing nails. It also includes a powerful, shielded magnet which is located on the striking face.

Roofing Knife

The AJC Guardian Angle Roofing Knife is designed for cutting shingles 
This roofing knife – The AJC Guardian Angle™ is specifically designed for cutting shingles. It comes complete with several accessories and offers great hand and knuckle protection.

Shingle Cutter

The AJC Super Shear Shingle Cutter is one of the best roofing tools on the market 
The AJC Super Shear is the best shingle cutting shear on the market. It is made from lightweight aluminum and is extremely effective at cutting a variety of materials.


posted June 11, 2015 by Ted Smith
Thank you so mush for all of the information on this roofing equipment. I was leaving to go to work one day when the wind blew off a loose shingle into my car. That is a very bad sign if a shingle was blown off by the wind. I need to get my shingles replaced. I have looked it up on the internet and it seems simple enough to do myself. All I need is the right materials. This article is very helpful in helping me understand which equipment I should get for the project. Thank you so much again!

posted July 27, 2015 by Callie Marie
I agree that using the right tool for the job increases quality and speed. My roof needs to be repaired soon, so I should look for a residential contractor who uses the tools on this list. Asking about things like magnetic sweepers and shingle cutters will probably help me choose a capable roofer as well!

posted November 9, 2015 by Joel
Thanks for listing out exactly the equipment needed for residential roofing. A friend of mine is looking to get his roof redone for winter. I'll have to show him a copy of this post. Thanks for sharing!

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