August 10, 2015 : Signs Your Roof Needs Repaired or Replaced

 Signs Your Roof Needs Repaired or Replaced

The signs that your roof needs to be repaired or replaced
It isn't always as simple as a leaky roof to determine whether or not your roof needs to be replaced. Of course, if you find yourself with buckets of rainwater, it is a good indication that you need a new roof! But noticing the telltale signs early will allow you to have repairs completed before the excess water and exposure to the elements destroys the roof.

Prevent Energy & Heat Loss

An older roof can lead to heat and energy loss. You should make sure that there are no gaps or holes in the roofing tiles. One way to check to see which area of the roof is allowing heat to escape is by observing where the snow melts in the wintertime. If there is an area of your roof that seems to melt quicker than the rest of the roof (and is not melting because of sunlight), it is because the heat from inside your home is escaping through that part of the roof. You may need to add insulation to that area or the roof itself may need to be repaired.

Watch for Animal Activity

Have you ever heard rumblings in your attic? It's probably not a ghost, but small animals. If animals are getting into your attic, that means there are holes in your roof. Squirrels will find their way into the attic through these holes, so be on the lookout for squirrel droppings or nests. Bats and other pests can also find their way in. These holes let animals in and your home's warmth and energy out. Be sure to repair these holes right away, otherwise wind, rain and snow will find their way into your attic causing even more damage to your home.

Evaluate After Storms

If you recently had a particularly nasty storm, check your roof for damage. Hail storms or storms with high winds can leave lasting damage on a roof that will only get worse as time goes by. High winds can dislodge roofing tiles and blow debris onto the roof itself. Heavy snow and ice can also cause a roof to lose its structural integrity, so be sure to inspect your roof after a tough winter. Visually inspect the roofing tiles and make sure they line up properly. Over time, elements can get underneath these tiles, causing them to bulge and become disfigured. Make sure they are lined up straight and even.

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