November 21, 2012 : Winter Storm Tips

Tips for Coming Winter Storms 

Winter time is beginning to once again make its cold blustery face known across many parts of the nation. While winter can be a fun time for some, with snowball fights and sledding taking place once the first snowfall has blanketed a town, it can be a headache for others. Shoveling sidewalks, keeping walkways clear, and making sure that every stays warm enough throughout the season can be major hassles for some especially when major blizzards hit an area. While school children may get excited when they hear of an oncoming snowstorm because It inevitably means a day off, adults know that it means lots of preparation, and even more clean up in order to make sure that parts of your home are not lost due to the inclement weather. Below are some tips in order to ensure that you are as prepared as you need to be for any bad weather this winter.

Prepare for a  power outage : While it may seem uncommon for a winter storm to knock out power, it is actually a very frequent problem that accompanies winter storms. This is due to the fact that high winds can knock over power lines that are already on the verge of collapse due to the large amounts of ice that have accumulated on them. Roads may also become too dangerous to navigate during this time, if this is the case, it is important to remember to stock up on supplies such as bottled water and protein bars, or other foods that can be safely consumed without heat.

Be prepared with plenty of blankets and warm clothing in the case of a power outage. Many homes’ heaters are dependent on electricity to run the boiler, as well as many stoves. Stocking up on blankets prior to a winter storm knocking out the power is especially important if you have small children or elderly individuals living with you.

 Other items to keep on hand in case of a winter storm emergency include, but are not limited to the following; flash lights, batteries, toilet paper, nonperishable battery operated radio/television, foods such as cereal or crackers, canned goods, a non electric can opener, bottled water, a small cooler, candles.

Also be sure to be prepared to have the proper tools to clean up in the aftermath of a storm. When news of inclement weather breaks in the winter time, it is often common to see a store move its stock of winter supplies such as shovels and rock salt to the front of the store, these items often sell out quickly. It is equally important to have a snow removal rake on hand. These tools are great at removing the snow from roofs that are not easily accessible, as well as other areas that may be too high to reach. Removing the snow from your roof means that you are lessening the chance of snow putting so much weight on your roof that it caves in, this removal effort can also help prevent any water damage from taking place. Don’t wait until it is too late to purchase one of these versatile tools. AJC Tools snow removal is among the best in the field and has been proven to be dependable.

We hope you stay warm in the coming months, and remember that the best way to prevent any major damage during is a winter storm is to be prepared well in advance.


posted December 7, 2012 by Rahmouni
I don't think. most types don't matter. tips thoguh.. Always start at the top with the tar paper and overlap the tar paper so water will run over top of it and never underneath. If your doing shingles wait for a warm day. They are a lot easier to work with that way. There a few types of cuts and transitions that you need to know for ridges and valleys so I would recommend checking out a book from your local library or buying one at Lowe's or something.

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