February 24, 2014 : Choose the Right Magnetic Sweeper for You

Choose the Right Magnetic Sweeper for You

Since the invention of the rubber tire, people have been dealing with flat tires caused from debris lying on the ground. Steel debris is found just about anywhere – construction sites, trucking terminals, county work roads and service lots. Getting rid of this debris is a problem solved most efficiently with magnetic sweepers.
Deciding to purchase a magnetic sweeper can save money from repair costs and down time to service vehicles. However, you want to be sure to purchase a sweeper that is right for your job.

If you are working on a large site and need a heavy-duty solution, try our forklift magnetic sweepers. We offer three different options. The AJC hanging forklift magnetic sweeper suspends the magnet by a bar or a chain which can be attached either back or front of the forklift. Our releasable hanging forklift magnetic sweeper is similar, but it has a lever load release. Lastly, the AJC Swivel-Sweep rolling forklift magnetic sweeper maintains ground clearance by rolling on wheels, and also features a unique lever load release. This is great for uneven surfaces or rugged terrain.

If you have a small clean-up job, we have many options for that as well. The AJC rolling magnetic sweeper has a quick release design, heavy duty stainless steel box, adjustable wheel brackets and a fold-in handle that makes clean-up and storage a breeze. For even smaller jobs, try ourhand-held magnetic sweeper or the AJC Mini-Magnetic Sweeper, each are lightweight, portable and perfect to use over pavement, in grass, shrubs, or confined spaces.

No matter your job large or small – the AJC magnetic sweepers can get the job done! Start shopping today!