June 11, 2013 : AJC Swivel Sweep Forklift Magnetic Sweeper

AJC Swivel Sweep Forklift Magnetic Sweeper

Forklift Magnetic Sweeper
On uneven terrain, ordinary forklift magnetic sweepers sometimes don’t work and are prone to damage. By riding on its wheels at all times, the AJC Swivel Sweep forklift magnetic sweeper maintains optimal ground clearance – not too close, and not too far away. This allows our sweeper to work where others fail.
  • Fast tool free changeover between uses.
  • Large 12” ball bearing steel wheels help smooth out terrain.
  • 3 wheel height adjustment locations.
  • 48” wide x 5” wide box with 1,000 lbs. lab-rated pull.
  • Designed and made in USA!
  • 1 year guarantee against defects in material and workmanship.