January 30, 2017 : What Are Your Options for Fixing Your Commercial Roof?

Options for Fixing a Commercial Roof

Oh no, you’ve recently noticed a problem with your commercial roof! So what are your options to fix your commercial roof?

Get your business back up and running! Read here what your roof repair options are and what the best one is for your commercial roof.

Before you commit to what steps you will take to recover your roof, here’s what you should consider:

  • How much of your current roof is salvageable?
  • Would replacing your roof affect your commercial business?
  • Do you currently have proper insulation on your roof?
  • Do you want a more short term or long term solution? 

Now that you’ve asked yourself those four questions. Let’s consider the pros and cons of your roof repair options. 

Why Repair

If there is only minor damage and the repairs needed are relatively easy, just do a simple repair on the current issue. Doing a simple repair can extend the life of your roof and is less costly than other options.

Repairing just the damage and not doing a full roof overhaul is your best bet if the roof currently has quality insulation and the membrane of the roof is still in good shape. If the roof currently has an old membrane or poor insulation you should look at other options for your roof. 

Why Coating

One of the most cost effective methods for giving your roof a touch-up! The coating provides an extra layer of protection from potential leaks and helps extend the life of your commercial roof. This coating can solve roof leaks on virtually any roofing material. Also, it’s seamless and easy to install!

Adding a layer of coating is also one of the least disruptive ways of treating your roof. This option is ideal for occupied buildings and won’t hinder your business.

Full replacement  

Sometimes the damage is too much, and complete roof overhaul is the best bet for your building. One indicator that you need to replace your roof is if your roof had to be re-covered once before.

As mentioned earlier if a roof has a dated membrane or poor insulation, a full replacement is the best option that will help address all the roof issues. Also, if the damage consists of 25% of your roof or more, you might as well commit to a full roof replacement.

A total replacement is beneficial because it allows your roof to get fully updated and you’ll be less likely to have problems with your new roof in the coming years. So if you are thinking long-term, a full replacement is the choice for you!

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