April 28, 2016 : Must Have Roofing Tools For Spring

The Best Roofing Tools for Spring

When most people plan out their spring tasks, spring cleaning one’s home usually comes to mind. However, spring is also a great time to repair your home’s roof as well.

As roofing tool experts, let AJC Tools give you our four must have roofing tools for spring.

Roofing hatchet: There are many types of roofing hatchets available including magnetic faced roofing hatchets, stationary gauge roofing hatchets and titanium roofing hatchets. Depending on your needs, these hatchets differ by application: metric or standard measuring unit, type of roof and other differentiations.

Roofing nailer stripper: This spring, work smarter and faster with a nail stripper. The AJC nail stripper is designed for both left and right-handed users and will protect your hands from the annoying pricks from nails. If there’s always a moment of dread when you have to reach into your nail pouch to grab your next nail, buy this roofing nail stripper and your suffering days will be behind you!

Roofing Utility Knife: These knives are specifically made to cut roofing material and have a safety feature--the knob to open the tool and expose the blade. In addition, some roofing knives like the kind AJC designs have knuckle protection so that you can get the job done in less time and without the aches and pain that other roofing tools can create.

Magnetic nail sweeper: This might be one of the most important tools to leave your roofing work looking polished, clean and safe for pets and people walking (potentially barefoot) around the area. While it would be pretty difficult for the average human eye to spot every fallen nail, a magnetic sweeper can do the finding for you--and much more efficiently!

AJC Tools has the best roofing tools for any job

AJC not only distributes tools, we also design and manufacture our own patented roofing tools for commercial and residential work like our AJC Shing-Go Tear-off Shovels and Rolling Magnetic Sweepers, Pick & Roll Seam Roller, Mag-Hatch Magnetic Faced Hatchet and AJC Super Shear.

Trust AJC, the roofing tools experts for over 60 years for your high-quality roofing tools and order your spring roofing tools today!