November 4, 2015 : Tips for Being Safe When Working on Your Roof

Tips for Being Safe When Working on Your Roof

Roof Safety Tips
Any DIY project on your house should be done safely and efficiently, and this is also true for a   roofing project. The proper safety precautions should be put into place because working on a roof can be quite dangerous. Below are some useful tips to ensure you stay safe when completing any roof based projects.

  Check Weather & Roof Surface

Roofs are dangerous places and are always exposed to the elements. Make sure to take into account the weather conditions before you decide to head up, and remember that it will be very slick during wet or icy weather. Also remember that leaves and other debris falling onto the roof can be safety hazards. Lastly, roof-based work should be avoided in high winds or during heavy rain.

  Safety Gear

In order to adhere to regulations, certain safety equipment must be worn. It’s best to wear a hard hat and suitable roofing boots which are sturdy and have good traction. We also would advise you to wear a harness to make work on a roof surface even safer!

  Clean As You Go

Roofs are dangerous enough without any extra debris. When you have finished a certain aspect of the job, clean up any leftover materials before moving onto another stage as supplies like nails and shingles can be very hazardous. We recommend the AJC Mini Magnetic Sweeper for the DIYer. This is perfect for small residential roofing jobs!

  Don’t Work Alone

Always carry out any roof work with at least one other person. If there is an accident there will be someone there to help!

Ladder Safety

Make sure the ladder you use is securely fastened to the ground and is on a solid, level surface. For further safety precautions, use ladder stabilizers. If you are unsure of the safety of the ground surface, instruct another person to hold the ladder in place, or if the ladder is positioned on grass, create holes in the ground to make it even safe

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posted November 16, 2015 by Jake White
One's of my Dad's best friends had an accident where he fell off a roof, and now he is permanently brain damaged. It was a sad ordeal, and so safety on roofs is something that should not be taken lightly. I like the advice to not work alone, that way there is someone there to help and support you when you work. Thanks for sharing this with me.

posted December 4, 2015 by Ian Johanson
Thanks for your tips about roof safety. My roof is getting kind of old and I wanted to check for any problem areas. I just need to get it to last through the winter. It is s steep roof though and I do think I should us a harness. I have rock climbing gear, would this work? Where should I hook up the rope?

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