May 2, 2018 : 3 Time Saving Construction Tools for Roof Repair


 3 Time-Saving Construction Tools For Roof Repair

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If you’re not using the most efficient tools and equipment, you’re making your job harder, slower and more tedious than it needs to be.

Do yourself a favor. Before you start our next roofing or other construction job, save yourself some time and frustration. Stock your truck with these three time-saving construction tools for your next roof repair

The AJC Mag-Hatch Magnetic Hatchet

1. The AJC Mag-Hatch Magnetic Hatchet

Hand nailing shingles has never been faster.

Swap out your old roofing hammer for the AJC Mag-Hatch Magnetic Roofing Hatchet, which features a powerful magnet on the striking face. The magnet attracts and holds the head of any felt cap or roofing nail you want to use, instantly positioning it for you to drive into its permanent position. No more positioning nails by hand!
The AJC Mag-Hatch Magnetic Hatchet also features a sliding gauge, built-in utility knife and nail claw. Talk about efficient.
The AJC Super Shing-Go Shovel Shingle Removing Tool

2. The AJC Super Shing-Go™ Shovel Shingle Removing Tool

Don’t waste time and energy trying to remove roof shingles with tools that weren’t made for the job — or shingle rippers that weren’t made as well as they could be.

With plenty of strength, a serrated blade and just the right angles, the AJC Super Shing-Go™ Shovel shingle removing tool gives you the power and leverage to tear off large sections of roofing shingles faster and with less effort.

Wondering what makes this shingle stripper super strong? The handle is made of top-grade fiberglass, and the blade is made of chrome moly steel, which is even stronger than normal steel.


The AJC Hand Held Magnetic Sweeper 

3. The AJC Hand Held Magnetic Sweeper

When the main job is done, cleanup can feel like a whole other job in itself. Speed up the process (and give your back a break) with the AJC Hand Held Magnetic Sweeper.

At the end of its long handle, a powerful, 10” magnet “sucks” up stray nails and other metal debris in a snap without your having to bend. Then the quick-release button lets you discard the debris just as easily.

Investing in these three time-saving construction tools can not only make your life easier but also increase productivity. And increased productivity means you can finish more jobs — and earn more money —  in the same amount of time.


So what are you waiting for? Get these and other convenient roofing tools now.