April 10, 2015 : Roof Maintenance Tips During the Rainy Season

Roof Maintenance Tips During the Rainy Season

In some cities, the rainy season can last months on end. Unfortunately, this kind of rainy weather can be destructive when it comes to your roof. If you live in a rainy weather city, take a look at the maintenance tips below.

Cleaning & Treating

It is recommended that you have your roof cleaned and treated every 3-5 years. It is best to hire a professional roofer not only for safety reasons, but to ensure the job is done right. In fact, many roofers will offer cleaning and treatment services along with inspections. If you insist on doing this yourself, make safety your first priority. We recommend the Thorogood Roofer’s Shoe to help avoid slips and falls!

Regular Inspections

Regular, professional roof inspections are the best route to go when it comes to your roof. A well-qualified roofer should inspect your roof at least once every year. However; in rainy climates, regular spring and fall inspections are highly recommended. Your roofer will look for signs of leaks and decay, torn shingles, damage to fixtures, gutters and flashing.

Environmental Maintenance

During the fall and winter months, trees can pose a significant risk to your roof. Not only do falling leaves collect on your roof and rot, but rain, snow and wind storms can also cause overhanging tree branches to crack and fall on your roof. Tree debris should be removed from your roof and overhanging limbs should be pruned to prevent damage.


Proper ventilation is also important for maintaining a roof in rainy climates. Poor ventilation is one of the leading causes of premature decay. You should carefully monitor indoor temperature changes during the winter and summer months. Unusually hot or cold internal temperatures during summer and winter are big signs of poor ventilation.

In Conclusion

While taking care to ensure proper roof maintenance throughout the year will protect your roof and extend its lifespan, the reality is that roofs in rainy climates tend to require more repairs. Furthermore, roofs in rainy weather areas will likely need to be replaced sooner than those found in areas with less inclement weather. What are you waiting for? Get your roof checked today!


posted October 21, 2015 by Eli
I am so glad that you included environmental maintenance and regular checks. These are two things that are easily forgotten, put off, or overlooked, even by people who live in very wet climates. I see a lot of houses that have very big trees with voluminous branches hanging over the roof, which as you said, can be a risk. Maintaining a good roof will help avoid major damages and increase the value of your property.

posted November 11, 2015 by breck lewis
I really like how you pointed out that, "It is recommended that you have your roof cleaned and treated every 3-5 years". I had no idea that its recommended to get your roof clean every so often. I just paid a lot of money to re-do my roof and I want to make sure that it last me. Thanks for sharing because I will definitely take you up on your tips.

posted November 12, 2015 by Drew
Ventilation is very important when it comes to rainy climates. It's good for avoiding mold and mildew that could cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. Thanks so much for sharing.

posted December 3, 2015 by Dean
This preventative maintenance is highly important. Doing this work up front will save you both money and frustration on the back end. Do yourself a favor and do this regularly.

posted December 8, 2015 by Jenkins Leroyson
We just moved to an area that gets a lot of rain and we hear that roofs can suffer a lot of damage. I didn't know that you should get it cleaned so often. It seems like that's a great way to get it inspected professionally, too, so that no problems develop.

posted December 11, 2015 by Lauren Woodley
I definitely agree that regular, professional inspections are the best route to go when maintaining your roof. As you say, when you get this done by someone with the right qualifications and experience, you will ensure that you get the repairs you need to keep the roof in quality condition. Additionally, professionals will be able to give you quality recommendations and insights of what you need to do to continue to maintain and clean the roof yourself, too. Thank you for sharing!

posted December 11, 2015 by Veronica Marks
It's interesting that poor ventilation is one of the leading causes of premature decay of roofs. It seems like such a simple thing that can cause such big problems. I'll have to check on our ventilation, and also schedule an inspection because we are definitely overdue for that.

posted December 15, 2015 by Olivia Sherwin
These are some great tips, and I appreciate your advice to have regular inspections to keep your roof in good repair. It's been several years since I've had mine examined, and I didn't realize that you should have that done every year! I'll definitely look into having someone inspect my roof in the near future. Thanks for the great post!

posted January 13, 2016 by Hannah
So glad you posted this. Most people don't recognize the relationship between decay and ventilation, but it's so important to have air flow through the house.

posted January 13, 2016 by Stewart Boomer
I always try and inspect my roof, but it's nice to know that professional eyes may see things that I may not. In my experience, there's a lot of money to be saved by properly taking care of things as you go along. Thanks for the suggestions!

posted January 27, 2016 by Hailey Renee
I did not realize that you need to clean your roof every 3-5 years. I would agree that getting a roof inspection every once in awhile is a great idea, to be able to resist a change in climate. Thanks for the tips about maintaining your roofing during the rainy season!

posted February 2, 2016 by Vincent Burns
I don't think my roof has been cleaned or treated in a really long time. I should probably get that done since it could keep the roof looking great for a longer period of time.

posted February 12, 2016 by Nathan Johnson
My wife and I just had to replace our roof (which was costly, but worth it). Now, I am primarily worried about maintaining the roof so that it will last for a while. I like your idea of regular inspections. Thanks for the info!

posted February 24, 2016 by Jason Strong
My wife and I are new homeowners and we have no idea what we are doing. Well, now that winter is wrapping up and spring is coming, that means rain and lots of it. We want to make sure that everything is ready and good to go for it. This helped us understand what we can be doing with our roof and I hope that its good to go for the spring.

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